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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  February 14, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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new 2012 vw for practically just your signature. captioned by media access group at wgbh the fertile soil of the valley turns out more bones today. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. the evidence is mounting tonight. investigators say they've now unearth a thousand bones. authorities confirm that one set of bones are in fact, those of 16-year-old chevy wheeler. she went missing from stockton
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back in 1985. also today digging resumed at a site in san joaquin. it's believed more than a dozen bodies may be buried in an abandoned well there. shermanti and herzog are believed to have murdered 16 people. the bones will be cataloged and sent to a forensic analysis lab. >> reporter: if you look at this road the light you see in the distance is illuminating the dig site. so far 1,000 bones and bone fragments have been found here. >> this is a femur bone. >> reporter: this lab is the
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state's primary facility for processing bones to extract dna evidence in unidentified persons cases. the forensics experts say it is difficult to retract dna from bones due to a lack of tissue. the testing through dna is used when not able to identify the identify through the teeth. it was 17 years ago today that shermantine was convicted of the death of wheeler. >> we just want her remains back so we can say hi once in a while. from home tonight from tennessee where the family moved, chevy's mother told us
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that she was informed that her daughter's remains have been identified. >> he told us in court that we would never go where she is. >> reporter: wheeler plans to come back to have her cremated and take her back to tennessee with them. their wish was always to have her close. so could that third site in lindon offer another family closure? new at 10:00, the results of an important vote tonight on the 49ers plan for a new stadium. the santa clara council voted for a construction contract. the deal calls for the stadium to be ready by the start of the 2014 season. if not the builder could be
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fined $600 each game that it misses. and there's some construction work already going on. it's really just getting the site, a parking lot ready for the main construction. that is scheduled to begin july 1st. san francisco is suing the federal agency in charge of pipeline safety in the wake of the san bruno explosion. the pipeline and hazardous material safety administration failed to prevent the 2010 disaster that killed eight people who destroyed 38 homes. the lawsuit is critical. san francisco district attorney george gascon says he is prosecuting an airport company for making $11,000 in illegal contributions to mayor ed lee's election campaign. gascon says go lore says he is
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responsible for illegal campaign contributions. nadia loquier admitted she has entered rehabilitation. >> we are told that loquier was thinner. she mentions an addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs. members here were told that she would be taking a leave of absence. it has been a quick rise in the
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career of loquier. it was here on february 3rd when she met an ex-boyfriend who she says was having a personal crisis. but that meeting turned violent. police confirmed they responded to an altercation between a man and woman and that the female suffered head and neck injuries and was taken to the hospital. loquier says she's in rehab to help her recover from that attack and from addiction. alcohol are addictions from which many of us suffer and un unfortunately i have not been spared. >> she's doing the right thing. >> the public needs to recognize that elected officials are human too. we are not gods, we are not super people. we are our faults.
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>> reporter: as for that assault in newark. the district attorney is now invest good faithing to see if charges should be -- investigating to see if charges should be filed. healther holmes. one of oakland's most wanted suspects is behind bars tonight. chan surrendered yesterday after his family saw him on the news and told him he was wanted. three other suspects on the most wanted lists are still at large. police are trying to find a gunman after someone shot and killed a man this afternoon. the victim was near a car on fortum circle in north vallejo. he was shot several times and has been identified as wanel leshane stevens. a friend took him to the hospital where he later died of his injuries. investigators went door to door searching for information about a gunfight that wounded
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five people including a 2-year- old girl. the incident happened at a nail salon in a strip mall on springs road. police say the toddler is in stable condition after having surgery today. detectives had little to say publicly but witnesses are describing a wild scene. >> at least a good 30 to 40 shots fired i would say. >> was it rapid? >> yes, back and forth. >> a 15-year-old went to the hospital with gunshots. they haven't been able to talk to him yet but he's still recovering from surgery. same-sex couples fighting for equal rights showed up at the city clerk's office asking for marriage licenses. but they ended up leaving in plastic handcuffs. >> reporter: several couples
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showed up asking for marriage licenses. a sit in protest a week after the ninth circuit court of appeals sited with them. a day after washington state made same-sex marriage legal. >> momentum is on our side. time is on our side, but our people still cannot wed. >> we will have to refuse them until the stay is lifted. >> if you do not disperse you will be subject to arrest. >> reporter: deputies briefly detained eight people. they got plastic bracelets instead of wedding rings. later san francisco's gay men's chorus entertained thousands celebrating 50 years of that ballad. there were many happy couples and some not so happy. >> i left my heart in san francisco ♪ >> it does disgust me that i have my heart in san francisco
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and i can't even wed. and at 10:45 tonight more on the civic ceremonies honoring san francisco's signature song and the venue where tony bennett fist -- first sang it 50 years ago. california's ban on same- sex marriage is unconstitutional -- oakland mayor jean quan called it the best valentine's gift for the lgbt community. the decision signals progress toward equality. and it's a valentine's day tradition that creates a huge mess of feathers. at 10:40 we take you to the middle of tonight's massive pillow fight and tell you why some folks said they had to quit. and we'll tell you where the investigation of whitney houston may be headed. and back here in 10
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minutes for your forecast for tomorrow. and another bay area city invokes a spoking ban but bar owners try to stop it.
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new at 10:00, mountain view bars and restaurants try to
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stop a new law. >> reporter: just 90 minutes ago the mountain view count till voted 4-3 to ban smoking within 25 feet of outdoor patios and door ways and windows of workplaces. tonight we found smokers in a patio of the molly mcgee's bar on castro street. >> we'll all have to be outside in the parking lot and none of us want to do that because we're aware that smoke bothers some people. >> reporter: but the owner of the restaurant next to the bar says he's all for the ban. >> the people they see places in the bar or the patio say let's quit. i hope a lot of people stop smoking because of that. >> reporter: people spoke out about the smoking ban. both sides said it was a matter of individual right. >> everybody agrees secondhand smoke is bad. we don't disagree with that. but the infringement of our rights as business owners and
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property owners, you're creates this precedence. >> i also have rights, i have the right to not have my life shortened by people who are using their rights. >> reporter: but the opposition says this is not over, they will try to take the issue directly to the voters. live in mountain view, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. on our facebook wall tonight we asked if you think smoking should be allowed outside bars and restaurants. chris kelso comments, no smokes is bad for everyone. disgusting filthy habit. if you really have that much stress figure out another way to deal with it. melissa writes, this is starting to become ridiculous. not all smokers are rude smokers. just another way for the state to make money on issuing citations to the citizens. share your opinion on facebook. just look for ktvu channel 2 stph-ltz there's a report tonight that investigators looking into whitney houston's death are now going into
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another phase and looking into prescription drugs. while the coroner's office confirmed prescription drugs were in her hotel room, the amount of drugs did not seem to be a large amount. >> they hit the receptor of our brain. they feel good. for some of us it's an unresistible call. >> at this point it's not clear if prescription drugs had anything to do with houston's death. houston's funeral is set for this saturday at the new hope baptist church in new jersey. it's the same church where she sang as a child. the service will be a private and invitation only affair. some fans expressed disaappointment that the funeral would be private but
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they also said they understand the families wishes -- disappointment. republican presidential hopefuls romney and santorum are running neck and neck but big differences are emerging between their supporters. santorum has a lead among republican men and tea party members. romney has the support of republican women, white collar families and those who don't identify with the tea party. santorum said he's the candidate who can win. >> we have the best chance of beating president obama. we have the best record, the best plan. we have won key states, and propel us to the white house. >> santorum has raised nearly $4 million since winning three contests last week. but he has some ways to go to catch up to mitt romney. romney has raised an average of $3 million a week for the past three months. there's unofficial word that los angeles mayor
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villaraigosa will share this year's democratic national convention -- will chair this year's democratic national convention. villaraigosa will have the gavel. so far he's given no indication about his future plans. san joaquin county investigators tell ktvu they have been contacted by more than 50 people wondering if their missing love ones are connected to the so called speed freak killers. rita williams talked with one mother who hopes to find answer in that massive grave site near lindon. >> reporter: this mother did something today she hopes will lead to her daughter's remains. asking investigators to look into whether the speed freaks also killed her daughter lisa.
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lisa norell was last seen leaving a rehearsal here in antioch the night of november 6, 1998. eight days later police found her body about a mile and a half away. >> death certificate says affixuation. >> reporter: but police do not know who killed lisa norel. so when police found personal items of victims she hoped items missing from her daughter's body may be found too. >> i said oh my gosh, that's where my daughter's stuff is. >> reporter: while she waits mani considers herself lucky. she says her heart hurts for those parents who's loved ones still remain missing. it's the emotion pain that hurts the most. >> i would love in my lifetime to find out who. >> reporter: yet she says she knows finding the killer won't
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bring back her only child. rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. it was quite a welcome home tonight for a marine from san jose. lance corporate ryan joseph he was clearly surprised as you can see there. before saying hello to his family and friends, he thanked firefighters. joseph has been away for 11 months now. he's on leave for two weeks before he has to return to duty. and a few scattered showers out there. these are light in nature but they're moving right down the coast. as they move in our direction there's a chance for a few scattered sprinkles. tonight we have snow in the mountains. there's a winter advisory there. scattered showers offshore. look at the mountain, they are getting some snow. they could see almost a foot of snow at higher elevations.
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then about the time of your morning commute. basically dry out there as we go into the afternoon clearing. so your wednesday looks like a pretty nice day. that was our chance of showers. don't be surprised if you see a sprinkle, especially in the north bay. maybe some drizzle for your morning commute. other than that. looks like it's pretty dry. when i come back, we're going to look at the long range forecast. and i have a long range model, we will look for rain there too. an unwholesome discovery on board a cruise ship that bills itself as a family place. caltrans says it's still up in the air whether they will close the upper deck of the bay bridge this weekend. so what's holding up the decision? we'll explain in a moment. whatcha lookin' for hon?
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over the years we've reported on a lot of drug busts here in the bay area. but never the kind we're going
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to tell you about tonight. david stevenson describes the routine interview that led to a bust in a cruise ship. >> in his luggage he had seven kilos of cocaine. >> the aurora was the site of two search and seizures after its arrival. the ship arrived from cirasao. >> it was during a normal interview of the passenger as we normally do when they come in. when we ask them where they are from and what they're bringing in. there was an anomaly in the story. >> reporter: that anomaly led to the arrest of amed rasheed after investigators say they
10:24 pm
found seven kilos of cocaine in his cabin. tony wilkenson and christie harris were also found to have drugs. they tell us they found a total of 13-kilograms of cocaine. about 28.6 pounds. its estimated value $915,000. the aurora continued on its course after the arrests. >> it's been years since we've had any type of seizure on a cruise ship. >> reporter: the case is now in the hands of the u.s. department of justice and immigration and customs enforcement they declined comment today. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu news. the decision on whether the
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upper deck of the bay bridge is up in the air. right now the plan is to close the upper deck starting at 8:00 friday night. it would remain closed all day saturday, sunday and monday before reopening tuesday morning. cal -- tran is expected to make the final decision tomorrow. the dow industrial managed to squeak up a four point gain. the nasdaq was up a fraction. zynga lost $435 million in the fourth quarter that was largely due to expenses attributed to employee stock compensation. in inspite of the loss, zynga
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reported sales are up. california's base rate is 7- 1/4% that's the highest in the nation. but that doesn't factor on sales tax added on by cities and counties. if you take that into account california drops to 12th highest. a florist targeted by thieves on valentine's day, plus -- >> reporter: there are a lot of feathers to clean up after hundreds turn out for a massive pillow fight in downtown san francisco. we'll have a live report. and b.a.r.t. police have got new strategies to fight crime and they are getting some positive reaction tonight from a long time critic.
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there was more than love in the air tonight in san francisco as hundreds of people participated in one of the
10:29 pm
city's newer traditions. ktvu's ken wayne is live now in the city for an up close look at a valentine's event that sends feathers flying, ken. >> reporter: they're still trying to pick up all of those feathers here in justin herman plaza. the pillow fight, the child's game has gone massive. there are supposed to be rules. >> no hitting kids, no hitting cameras and nobody who looks frail you know. >> reporter: but they aren't always followed. aside from a sucker punch. the only real hazard came from the feathers that burst from the seams. >> it got hard to breath in there. >> is that why you quit. >> yeah, i had to make my way to the side. >> last time i didn't have a mask, so i had feathers in my mouth. >> reporter: if you go in the
10:30 pm
middle it's like really, really, they are seriously pillow fighting in there. so i got hit in the head one too many times and i'm okay. >> you know you have a bunch of feathers stuck in your head. >> i know it's fun. there's lots of feathers in there. >> reporter: some thought wearing a helmet might be an advantage. >> i should not have worn this helmet because i'm a target. >> oh my god. see, somebody just hit my head. >> reporter: we are all going to sleep so good tonight. >> you won't have a pillow. these people tried to make sense of the whole thing from their search in the embarcadero. >> never heard of it before. >> reporter: do that do stuff like this in salt lake city? >> no. >> reporter: the clean up is going to take a little longer because this pillow fight lasted longer than it has in years past. there was dry weather out here, there was a huge crowd and they were still swinging pillows until 9:00 tonight. you can see the truck backing
10:31 pm
up behind me. in the back there are bags full of feathers that they are still hauling away at this hour. live in san francisco, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. and we have posted more video on on tonight's pillow fight. you will find it on the video player. and it was a tough day for a florist in richmond. the owners of park florists stole 60 bouquets as well as flowers. >> we didn't know what was missing, how to get it there. the flowers to make them. >> reporter: the florists said all they could do is apologize over and over and promise to make it up to customers. the city council voted this afternoon to rescind an
10:32 pm
ordnance that limited the number of san jose's medical marijuana clubs to 10 and force dispensaries to grow pot on- site. members say they want to wait for a legal clarity from cases before the state supreme court. at least four cases are pending that could impact san jose's decision. that means at least a year until any action is taken. mount diablo reopened all the bathrooms at mount diablo high school. principal kay mckachi ordered all the restrooms closed because of graffiti. students objected saying they had nowhere to go. after media attention was focused on the issue, the school district reopened the restrooms. congress could pass a bill and send it to president obama for a signature sometime this week. the deal is possible because
10:33 pm
republicans ended their opposition. disagreement also limits the issue. it means $20 a week for someone making $50,000 a year. the deal also extends jobless benefits for the long term unemployed. president obama welcomed the man who is expected to be china's next president to the white house today. >> we believe that a strong and prosperous china is one that can help to bring stability and prosperity to the region and to the world. >> reporter: chi and the president met in the oval office and stressed the ties between china and the u.s. tomorrow chi is expected to travel to iowa where he visited in 1985 to learn about raising livestock and corn. then the chinese vice president heads to los angeles possibly for a lakers game. b.a.r.t. police are totally reorganizing how they fight crime both on
10:34 pm
trains and on b.a.r.t. stations. the first changes that passengers will notice -- >> reporter: b.a.r.t. police officers have begun riding the trains more as ktvu found in 2010, officers used to ride twice per shift. that's increased now to three per shift and plans are to add a fourth trip by years end. >> they need to be on there. they're not on there like they should. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. police say they are also dividing the system into five zones and are assigning a list of officers to each zone or in some cases just a few stations. that way officers can get acquainted with persons in their beat just like officers. >> we're asking them to alert us when they see something. >> reporter: zone one is oakland, zone two contra costa county plus berkeley. zone three alameda, zone four san francisco and zone five san mateo county. >> each station has a different
10:35 pm
feel, different problems. >> reporter: the b.a.r.t. police department has been under a microscope by community leaders since b.a.r.t. police killed oscar grant in san francisco. attorney john burress represents the families. >> what they are really trying to do is improve the relationship between the community and b.a.r.t. police. >> reporter: the plan is not a quick fix but a long term commitment between officers and passengers. winds of up to 200 miles per hour and 10 to 20-inches of rain. the problems this cyclone brought to africa. a big holiday weekends coming up. we'll take a look at that and take a look at the long range model as well that has a chance for showers.
10:36 pm
another big night for bay area's jeremy lin. the tie breaking three pointer that's keeping his hot streak going strong -- 3-pointer.
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the defense attorney representing michael grossi says he learned about the dismissal in a letter from his attorney. the jury that indicted gressi had not heard evidence that could have cast doubt on his
10:39 pm
accuser. today's robbery happened just before 1:30 this afternoon at a wells fargo on santa teresa boulevard at bernal road. police say two or three men got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. police say one of the men was armed but no shots were fired and no one was hurt. police in alameda say they are investigating the deaths of two people as a murder suicide. officers responded to reports of gunshots at about 6:30 last night in the 2100 block of alameda avenue. they found two people suffering from gunshot wounds inside a home. a 30-year-old alameda woman died at the scene. a 36-year-old oakland man died later at the hospital. the two had once been in a relationship. their names have not yet been released. hayward police have now identified a man shot and killed early yesterday. his name was anthony keno of livermore. police say he was in his 20s. he was found lying in the driveway of a home at seventh and c street where he had been
10:40 pm
staying for about a week. police are looking for a red vehicle that was seen speeding away after several gunshots were heard. in news of the world tonight in thailand a botched bomb plot led to the capture of two iranians. four thai civilians were injured. they also found a cash weapons in a home where those iranians were staying. israel calls all this proof of a worldwide terror plot sponsored by tehran. a cyclone has left at least three people dead. the storm brought winds up to 120 miles per hour and 10 to 20- inches of rain. trees and power lines came down, several buildings collapsed as well. now there's the danger of landslides. the cyclone hit overnights, the worse was gone by the afternoon. in north korea, the
10:41 pm
government revealed two new statutes of sung and his son. in 1991 he said he didn't want a statute of himself. during his reign, hundreds of thousands of northern koreans died due to famine. a judge in san diego is giving california the ability to reconsidering a lawsuit against honda. it is all thanks to sandra peters: she won nearly $10,000 in small claims court after claiming honda inflated its gas mileage claims. the nation's largest airlines are thanks the mild winter for its best on time performance in history. 85% of flights took off on time last december and had an average cancellation rate of
10:42 pm
just .8%. that's the lowest rate since the agency started tracking on time performance. for years he's been singing what became san francisco's anthem. and today san francisco gave more than just its love to tony bennett. and stay tuned, chief meteorologist bill martin has fine tuned his forecast and he'll tell us about the changes ahead. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
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san francisco honored tony bennett with a musical tribute at city hall today which was officially named tony bennett day. the iconic singer said it might have been the best day ever of his long career. >> ♪ tony bennett warmed up his voice. at the hotel where he first
10:45 pm
performed i left my heart in san francisco 50 years ago. >> we thought of it as a local song to put in the show. >> reporter: it became the city's anthem and made bennett an international star. >> still thinking it would be a local song just for this area and having no idea how it changed my life so much because it became my signature song. >> valentine's day 2012 is tony bennett day in san francisco. >> reporter: san francisco paid tribute to bennett today in a free event at city hall. many people thought he would sing, instead he was serenaded and given the key to the city. >> it's been the most beautiful day i've ever experienced in the whole history of my performing years. >> reporter: an estimated 3,000
10:46 pm
people gathered in city hall for what many called a once in a lifetime event. >> i'm a native san franciscan you can't play that song often enough for me. >> reporter: the sentiment was the same for the 400 or so guests that came to watch his performance where it all began, 50 years ago. patti lee, ktvu. has more unedited visit owe on tony bennett's performance. the fire department and city leaders there unveiled the pulse point app. it's designed to alert cpr trained users when someone near by is suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. the app also allows users to access select 911 emergency centers for realtime access to
10:47 pm
other emergency activity. the san mateo county supervisors voted to close a nursing home today despite protests. staff members said the closure means the transfer of 230 elderly patients and 200 staff lay offs. the closure is set for next year. jenentech is sounding an alarm saying that someone is distributing their drug avastin. the true drugs have the word genentech clearly visible. the counter fit says rosche and is written in french. a new report claims climate change can result in a cocoa shortage in the near future. the study said the demand for cocoa could exceed the supply by 2020. according to the report, the
10:48 pm
trait that produces the cocoa bean is delicate and difficult to grow. & % f0 showers moving into northern california right now. live storm tracker 2 picking out a fast moving system. you see up here in chico in the buchanan area. this is all moving down the valley. the strongest dynamics are going to be on this side of the valley. on our side of the valley we're just going to see widely scattered showers at best. at best. so as we go into tonight. the winds are picking up. you may have noticed that outside. it's going to be a cool night. fog is not an issue. breezy, a slight chance for a sprinkle. between you and me don't sweat it. it's not going to change your life tomorrow. the real story here will be the mountains where they have a winter weather advisory in effect.
10:49 pm
they could see perhaps 8- inches, 10 inches of snow. you see going on right up here in the mountains. this system is interesting because it's not coming from a latitude. this starts off in a high latitude and coming straight down. there's a lot of cold air, snow levels pretty low up there in the west slope of the sierra nevada. the winds increase. clouds increase. this system does most of its work in the mountains which is fine. big holiday weekend coming up and a lot of folks going skiing. and they're going to like the extra 8-inches or so. snow levels they are down there around 2,000 feet. that will get you snow around placerville. here's the long range model. tomorrow morning when you wake up it's all east of us. as you get into wednesday afternoon it's clear. as you get into thursday, then friday a little something there. then saturday, and then sunday watch this a little something on sunday. this is all weak stuff for
10:50 pm
february. maybe something sunday afternoon, sunday evening. a long range forecast then is dry. the five day, or the five day coming up after this. the forecast highs tomorrow. upper 50s, low 60s and good thing they are getting snow in the mountains now. but you know if this was last year, we wouldn't even be talking. we would barely be talking about this storm. this is almost nothing in comparison but it's something. and we might be getting sprinkles tonight. >> i guess every little bit helps. >> even a little. bird watchers in the south bay have powered up the san jose city hall falcon camp just in time for nesting season. we're not sure which falcon this is but esteban colbert and -- have thrilled crowds throughout the bay. falcons incubate their eggs for 34 days and after their born takes the chicks about six to
10:51 pm
eight weeks before they finally leave the nest. the creator of the simpsons got a big honor today. how his honor comes at a milestone for the show. okay, people, let's get started.
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pete, did you forget yours? me pete, me use pen! (laughter) sorry i'm late, i was in the 16th century looking for pete's pen. (laughter) guys, guys. take it easy, ok? pete's mom is videochatting me, and she wants her pen back! ok, alright, well. i just got one. so... yeah, you've got a little... yep, i can feel the wet patch. don't look at it. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay. about a dozen homeless
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chihuahuas got a free air flight. the dogs were at the san francisco animal shelter where there's a glut of chihuahuas. in the big apple there's a demand for the pups mostly because there's a lack of living space. the man behind the simpsons got a star in the walk of fame today. >> all right. >> matt grenin was joined by life sized versions of the simpson's characters. >> what timing. all right mark joins us now. what timing for jeremy lin he just continues on fire. >> it goes on. if you were stretching a little bit say happy val-lin-tines
10:55 pm
day. palo alto native, released by the warriors and rockets. new york gives him a shot and he's setting the nba on fire. turn up the heat. he is no flash in the pan. up in toronto tonight. andre stoudemire is back and healthy and he loves having lynn assist him like that. 21 in a dunk for stoudemire tonight. the knicks trail most of the night then down by three but lin with a great try in a minute left in the game. it counts and they are all tied up. take a look at it again as lin drives the hoop then he has the ball. game still tied in the final seconds. >> lin puts it up. and jeremy lin from downtown. and the knicks take the lead. >> all right. beautiful. knicks win it for the sixth straight time since he has started for them. 27 points tonight. career best 11 assists, his
10:56 pm
teammates love him as you will see. >> so many active hands, we had you know landry, tyson, and we just clamped it down in the fourth quarter. we couldn't get a stop. we couldn't get a stop to save our lives. in the beginning and i did a horrible job on barbosa and calderon, so. >> a nice kiss from landry there. >> living life right, can't help but feel happy for him there. and jim ersey says he plans to meet with the future hall of famer in the next week trying to figure this out saying we want this to be peyton's decisions. manning has had three serious neck surgeries. he makes it clear he would have to take a large pay cut if he would continue with the colts.
10:57 pm
he is due a bonus on march 8th. cautionary tale for anyone that likes stuffing a little tobacco in his cheek. if it can happen to the hall of famer, dwynn, it can happen to anyone. he is having a second surgery to remove a cancerous -- in his cheek. >> jeremy lin. >> you wonder what else he can do. that's a great story. thank you for trusting ktvu news, we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> we'll update the search for human remains outside of stockton and update the storm bringing snow to the sierra. we'll have the very latest starting at 4:30 in the
10:58 pm
morning. and we're also here for you on ♪
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